Treating Me: A Video About Women Living With HIV/AIDS

Targeted to physicians, nurses and other health professionals, family, and friends who care about and provide care for women. Told from the point of view of women who are infected with HIV, it examines the quality and nature of patient-provider relationships and demonstrates the positive and negative effects these relationships can have on women's health, well-being and care. 

Length: 35 minutes


Mete-Pye-W Lan-Dlo

This film follows two Haitian patients as they navigate the American health care system. Once, a pregnant women, is skeptical of her provider's prescribed treatment and wishes she were back in Haiti where familiar folk cures are available. Similarly, a man is followed and the viewer sees his discomfort with implications for a sexual history taking and the conflict between standard medical practice and Haitian cultural beliefs when his provider requests a blood sample. Interspersed throughout the tape are looks at social and political history which contribute to a better understanding of Haitian health beliefs and practices. Narrated by Harry Belafonte and produced by Howard Libman, MD and Eric Hardt, MD of Boston City Hospital, Boston, MA and producer Paul Stern, the video points to some of the cultural issues the practitioner faces while dealing with the Haitian patient, as well as some of these problems of health care access and interpreter services. Excellent for all audiences. 

Length: 50 minutes


Taking a Sexual History

Clinical Strategies for Assessing HIV Risk

Features actual patients in unrehearsed situations being interviewed by primary care physicians and mental health practitioners. 

Length: 30 minutes


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