Ten Things PCPs Should Know About HIV Prevention and Care

Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Adults and Adolescents Living with HIV (AIDSinfo)

Primary Care Guidelines for the Management of Persons Infected with HIV: 2013 Update by the HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

HIV in Primary Care (Medscape)

What Is the Best Model for HIV Primary Care? Assessing the Influence of Provider Type on Outcomes of Chronic Co-Morbidities in HIV (Journal of Infectious Diseases)

HIV Primary Care by the Infectious Disease Physician in the United States – Extending the Continuum of Care (AIDS Care)

Health System Features That Enhance Access to Comprehensive Primary Care for Women Living with HIV in High-Income Settings: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review (AIDS Patient Care and STDS)

Policy Interventions Shaping HIV Prevention: Providers’ Active Role in the HIV Continuum of Care (Health Education and Behavior)

Willingness to Take PrEP for HIV Prevention: The Combined Effects of Race/Ethnicity and Provider Trust (AIDS Education and Prevention)

A Preliminary Study of the Attitudes and Barriers of Family Physicians to Prescribing HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis (Kansas Journal of Medicine)

Measurement of Depression Treatment Among Patients Receiving HIV Primary Care: Whither the Truth? (Journal of Affective Disorders)

Whether Patients Want It or Not, Physician Recommendations Will Convince Them to Accept HIV Testing (Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care)

A Systematic Review of Health Care Provider-Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Routine HIV Testing in Primary Care Settings in the Southeastern United States (Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care)

Do You PrEP? A Review of Primary Care Provider Knowledge of PrEP and Attitudes on Prescribing PrEP (Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care)

“It’s Never Just About the HIV:” HIV Primary Care Providers’ Perception of Substance Use in the Era of “Universal” Antiretroviral Medication Treatment (AIDS and Behavior)

Excess Clinical Comorbidity Among HIV-Infected Patients Accessing Primary Care in U.S. Community Health Centers (Public Health Reports)

Long-Term Engagement in HIV Care Among Postpartum Women with Perinatal HIV Infection in the United States (AIDS Care)

Linking HIV-Negative Youth to Prevention Services in 12 U.S. Cities: Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing the HIV Prevention Continuum (Journal of Adolescent Health)

Experiences of HIV-Infected Adults and Healthcare Providers with Healthcare Delivery Practices Influencing Engagement in Primary Healthcare Settings: A Qualitative Systematic Review Protocol (JBI Database Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports)

How Well Are U.S. Primary Care Providers Assessing Whether Their Male Patients Have Male Sex Partners? (Preventive Medicine)

Factors that Influence Linkages to HIV Continuum of Care Services: Implications for Multi-Level Interventions (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)

General Practitioners’ Views and Experiences on the Barriers and Facilitators That Men Who Have Sex with Men Have When Accessing Primary Care for HIV Testing and Sexual Health Screening (Primary Health Care Research and Development)

Integrating HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) into Routine Preventive Health Care to Avoid Exacerbating Disparities (American Journal of Public Health)

A Learning Collaborative Approach to Improve Primary Care STI Screening (Clinical Pediatrics)

HIV Nurse Navigation: Charting the Course to Improve Engagement in Care and HIV Virologic Suppression (Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care)

An Educational Initiative in Response to Identified PrEP Prescribing Needs Among PCPs in the Southern U.S. (AIDS Care)

Engagement of People with Lived Experience in Primary Care Research: Living with HIV Innovation Team Community Scholar Program (Canadian Family Physician)

“Where It Falls Apart”: Barriers to Retention in HIV Care in Latino Immigrants and Migrants (AIDS Patient Care and STDs)

Assessing Antiretroviral Use During Gaps in HIV Primary Care Using Multisite Medicaid Claims and Clinical Data (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes)

Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for HIV in Primary Care: A Health Economics Modelling Analysis (Lancet HIV) 

Adolescent Experiences of Clinician-Patient HIV/STI Communication in Primary Care (Health Communication)

Evaluation of a Client-Centered Linkage Intervention for Patients Newly Diagnosed with HIV at an Urban United States LGBT Center: The Linkage to Care Specialist Project (AIDS Patient Care and STDs)

Impact of an Electronic Medical Record-Based System to Promote Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Hepatitis C Virus Screening in Public Hospital Primary Care Clinics (Open Forum Infectious Diseases)

Differing Experiences with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Boston Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Specialists and Generalists in Primary Care: Implications for Scale-Up (AIDS Patient Care and STDs)

Physician’s Perceptions of Telemedicine in HIV Care Provision: A Cross-Sectional Web-Based Survey (JMIR Public Health Surveillance) 

Should Human Immunodeficiency Virus Specialty Clinics Treat Patients with Hypertension or Refer to Primary Care? An Analysis of Treatment Outcomes (Open Forum Infectious Diseases)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Quality Indicators Are Similar Across HIV Care Delivery Models (Open Forum Infectious Diseases)

Using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) to Optimize an HIV Care Continuum Intervention for Vulnerable Populations: A Study Protocol (BMC Public Health)

Transitioning Newly Diagnosed Patients with HIV into Care (Nurse Practitioner)

Understanding the Drivers of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Among HIV Primary Care Providers and Case Managers in HIV Care Programmes (Journal of Interprofessional Care)

Retention in HIV Care Depends on Patients’ Perceptions of the Clinic Experience (AIDS Care)

Factors Related to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Prescription by U.S. Primary Care Physicians (American Journal of Preventive Medicine)

Primary Care of Men Who Have Sex with Men in the U.S. Military in the Post-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Era: A Review of Recent Progress, Health Needs, and Challenges (Military Medicine)

HIV Screening and the Affordable Care Act (American Journal of Men’s Health)

Reducing Non-Injection Drug Use in HIV Primary Care: A Randomized Trial of Brief Motivational Interviewing, with and Without HealthCall, a Technology-Based Enhancement (Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment)

Reproductive Health Counseling Delivered to Women Living with HIV in the United States (AIDS Care)


HBV and HCV Prevention and Care Update 

Viral Hepatitis Action Plan for 2017–2020 (HHS)

Hepatitis Research at CROI 2018 (HCV Advocate)

Viral Hepatitis and Young Persons Who Inject Drugs (CDC)

Viral Hepatitis: We Can Eliminate the Burden of Stigma (HHS)

Cost-Effectiveness of One-Time Hepatitis C Screening Strategies Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Primary Care Settings (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

Implementation of a Multidisciplinary, Team-Based Model to Treat Chronic Hepatitis C in the Primary Care Setting: Lessons Learned (Healthcare)

Comparison of the Hepatitis C Continua of Care Between Hepatitis C Virus/HIV Coinfected and Hepatitis C Virus Mono-Infected Patients in Two Treatment Eras During 2008-2015 (AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses)

Primary Care Providers Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices Related to Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment in the Oral Direct Acting Antiviral Agents Era (Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education)

Curing Hepatitis C Reduces Deaths and Liver Disease (AIDSmap)

Antiviral Drug Not Beneficial for Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B When Added to Existing Preventatives (NIH)

‘Virus-Cracking’ Molecules Advance Fight Against Hepatitis B (Science Daily)

Drug Attacks Hepatitis B Virus Capsid (Specialty Pharmacy Times)

Hepatitis B: Search for the Cure and Challenges That Remain (Infectious Disease Advisor)

Early-Stage HCV Treatment Saves Money, Improves QOL (HCV Advocate)

New Affordable Hepatitis C Combination Treatment Shows 97% Cure Rate (HCV Advocate)

New Guidelines, Expanded Opportunities Mark EASL’s Liver Congress Clinical Practice Guidelines to Include HCV Tx Recommendations, Alcoholic Liver Disease (MedPage Today)

Direct-Acting Antivirals Improve Liver Transplant Survival (Clinical Advisor)

Hepatitis C Antiviral Drugs Reduce Liver Cancer Risk (MD Magazine)

Testing for Hepatitis C Lags with Baby Boomers Despite High Infection Rate (Washington Post)

Hepatitis C Antiviral Therapy Improves Outcomes Following Liver Transplantation (Infectious Disease Advisor)

Population-Level Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness of Expanding the Recommendation for Age-Based Hepatitis C Testing in the United States (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

Newly Discovered HCV Subtype Is Resistant to Antiviral Treatment (MD Magazine)

Governor Announces Nation’s First State-Level Hepatitis C Elimination Strategy to Increase Access to Medication, Expand Comprehensive Programs, and Enhance Treatment Services (HCV Advocate)

Direct-Acting Antiviral Sustained Virologic Response: Impact on Mortality in Patients Without Advanced Liver Disease (HCV Advocate)

8 Reports on Liver Transplant Outcomes in Patients with HCV (Healio)

The VA Will Eliminate Hepatitis C in Veterans by Year-End (Forbes)

Hepatitis C Exposure Is a Crime in Some States; Is This the New HIV Criminalization? (TheBody)

Diversity in HCV: 10 Reports on HCV Outcomes by Demographic (HCV Advocate)

HCV Guidelines: The Standard in Easy-to-Access, Ever-Changing Disease Treatment (Healio)

Additional Benefits Found in HCV Eradication (MD Magazine)

Expanding Hepatitis C Testing to All Adults Is Cost Effective and Improves Outcomes (Economic Times)


They Almost All Come Home: What to do to engage incarcerated HIV infected persons before and after community reentry

HIV Among Incarcerated Populations (CDC) 

Prisoners, HIV, and AIDS (Avert)

Prisons and Jails (The Center for HIV Law & Policy)

HIV Among Persons Incarcerated in the U.S.: A Review of Evolving Concepts in Testing, Treatment, and Linkage to Community Care (Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases)

The Changing Epidemiology of HIV in the Criminal Justice System (International Journal of STD and AIDS)

Epidemiology of HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Viral Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis Among Incarcerated Transgender People: A Case of Limited Data (Epidemiologic Reviews)

The Association Between Incarceration and Transactional Sex Among HIV-infected Young Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States (Journal of Urban Health)

Jail, an Unappreciated Medical Home: Assessing the Feasibility of a Strengths-Based Case Management Intervention to Improve the Care Retention of HIV-Infected Persons Once Released from Jail (PLoS One)

HIV Risk Perception and Eligibility for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Women Involved in the Criminal Justice System (AIDS Care)

HIV Care After Jail: Low Rates of Engagement in a Vulnerable Population (Journal of Urban Health)

Perspectives on Integrated HIV and HCV Testing Among Persons Entering a Northern California Jail: A Pilot Study (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes)

Age-Specific Global Prevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and Tuberculosis Among Incarcerated People: A Systematic Review (Journal of Adolescent Health)

“I Don't Have to Do This All by Myself”: Systems Navigation to Ensure Continuity of HIV Care for Persons Leaving Prison (AIDS and Behavior)

Use of Viral Load Surveillance Data to Assess Linkage to Care for Persons with HIV Released from Corrections (PLoS One)

The Effect of Patient Navigation on the Likelihood of Engagement in Clinical Care for HIV-Infected Individuals Leaving Jail (American Journal of Public Health)

An Intervention for Reducing the Sexual Risk of Men Released from Jails (Journal of Correctional Health Care)

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Intensive Case Management (Project Bridge) for HIV-Infected Probationers and Parolees (AIDS and Behavior)

Connecting Corrections and HIV Care: Building a Care Coordination Program for Recently Incarcerated Persons Living with HIV in Virginia (AIDS and Behavior)

Problems and Service Needs Among Ex-Offenders with HIV Risk Behaviors Entering Sober Living Recovery Homes (Criminal Justice Studies)

Inadequate HIV Care After Incarceration: Case Closed (Lancet HIV)

Predictors of Linkage to HIV Care and Viral Suppression After Release from Jails and Prisons: A Retrospective Cohort Study (Lancet HIV)

The Continuum of Hepatitis C Care for Criminal Justice Involved Adults in the DAA Era: A Retrospective Cohort Study Demonstrating Limited Treatment Uptake and Inconsistent Linkage to Community-Based Care (Health Justice)

HIV and HCV in U.S. Prisons and Jails: The Correctional Facility as a Bellwether Over Time for the Community’s Infections (AIDS Reviews)

Patient Navigators Effectively Support HIV-Infected Individuals Returning to the Community from Jail Settings (International Journal of Prisoner Health)

The Furthest Left Behind: The Urgent Need to Scale Up Harm Reduction in Prisons (International Journal of Prisoner Health)

Understanding Interactions of Formerly Incarcerated HIV-Positive Men and Transgender Women with Substance Use Treatment, Medical, and Criminal Justice Systems (International Journal of Drug Policy)

Demographic and Spatial Disparity in HIV Prevalence Among Incarcerated Population in the U.S.: A State-Level Analysis (International Journal of STD and AIDS)

Efficacy of Structured Organizational Change Intervention on HIV Testing in Correctional Facilities (AIDS Education and Prevention)

Incarceration, Sexual Risk-Related Behaviors, and HIV Infection Among Women at Increased Risk of HIV Infection, 20 United States Cities (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes)

Manifestations of HIV Stigma and Their Impact on Retention in Care for People Transitioning from Prisons to Communities (Health Justice)

Long Acting Injectable Anti-Retroviral Therapy: An Opportunity to Improve HIV Treatment and Reduce HIV Transmission Among Persons Being Released from Prison Facilities (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

HIV and the Criminalisation of Drug Use Among People Who Inject Drugs: A Systematic Review (Lancet HIV)

Cohort Profile: Seek, Test, Treat, and Retain United States Criminal Justice Cohort (Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy)

Great Expectations: HIV Risk Behaviors and Misperceptions of Low HIV Risk among Incarcerated Men (AIDS and Behavior)


Survivors Surviving, Surviving Survivors

HIV and Mental Health (AIDSinfo)

HIV/AIDS and Mental Health (National Institute of Mental Health)

Mental Health and HIV (HIV.gov)

Looking After Your Mental Health When Living with HIV (Avert)

Mental Health and HIV (Department of Veterans Affairs)

HIV and Psychiatric Comorbidities: What Do We Know and What Can We Do? (American Psychological Association)

Violence Against Women and HIV (The Well Project)

Intimate Partner Violence, HIV, and Mental Health: A Triple Epidemic of Global Proportions (International Review of Psychiatry)

Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV in Women (CDC)

Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Infection Among Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Journal of the International AIDS Society)

Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS (New York Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence)

Empowered: Women, HIV & Intimate Partner Violence (Greater Than AIDS)

Intimate Partner Violence and HIV/AIDS (World Health Organization)

Intimate Partner Violence and HIV: Embracing Complexity (Lancet Global Health)

Intimate Partner Violence and HIV: Clearing Up Confusion (Lancet Global Health)

Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Clinic Attendance, Viral Suppression, and CD4 Cell Count of Women Living with HIV in an Urban Clinic Setting (AIDS Care)

Chemsex and Mental Health as Part of Syndemic in Gay and Bisexual Men (International Journal of Drug Policy)

Outcomes Among Persons with HIV Following a Mental Health Admission: A Population-Based Study (AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses)

Prior Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence Associated with Less HIV Testing Among Young Women (Journal of Interpersonal Violence)

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Comorbidity among Methamphetamine-Using Men Who Have Sex with Men (Journal of Psychoactive Drugs)

A Multilevel Examination of Sleep, Depression, and Quality of Life in People Living with HIV/AIDS (Journal of Health Psychology)

The Additive Effects of Depressive Symptoms and Polysubstance Use on HIV Risk Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (Addictive Behaviors)

HIV Stigma and Its Relation to Mental, Physical, and Social Health Among Black Women Living with HIV/AIDS (AIDS and Behavior)

Co-Occurring Psychosocial Problems Predict HIV Status and Increased Health Care Costs and Utilization Among Sexual Minority Men (Journal of Behavioral Medicine)

Acculturation, Family Cohesion, and Mental Health Among Latinos Living with HIV on the U.S.-Mexico Border (Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology)

Mental Health and Substance Use in HIV-Infected Adolescents (Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS)

Mental Health Service Utilization Is Associated with Retention in Care Among Persons Living with HIV at a University-Affiliated HIV Clinic (AIDS Research and Therapy)

HIV Care Continuum Disparities Among Black Bisexual Men and the Mediating Effect of Psychosocial Comorbidities (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes)

Integrated Multicomponent Interventions for Safety and Health Risks Among Black Female Survivors of Violence: A Systematic Review (Trauma, Violence, and Abuse)

A Meta-Analysis of Risk Markers for Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Relationships (Trauma, Violence, and Abuse)

Interventions that Address Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Among Women: A Systematic Review (AIDS and Behavior)

Childhood Sexual Abuse in a Population of Patients Living with HIV: Prevalence and Impact (Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care)

Psychological Violence and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Predominantly African American Women (Journal of Interpersonal Violence)

Prevalence and Correlates of Forced Sex as a Self-Reported Mode of HIV Acquisition Among a Cohort of Women Living with HIV in Canada (Journal of Interpersonal Violence)

HIV-Related Stigma, Racial Discrimination, and Gender Discrimination: Pathways to Physical and Mental Health-Related Quality of Life Among a National Cohort of Women Living with HIV (Preventive Medicine)

Judges’ Perceptions of Screening, Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment for Substance Use, Mental Health, and HIV among Juveniles on Community Supervision: Results of a National Survey (Juvenile and Family Court Journal)

Psychiatric Disorders, Antiretroviral Medication Adherence, and Viremia in a Cohort of Perinatally HIV-Infected Adolescents and Young Adults (Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal)


Providing Culturally Competent Care of Transgender and Sexual Minority Clients

HIV Among Transgender People (CDC)

Care of the Transgender Patient with HIV Infection Guideline (HIV Clinical Resource)

Health & HIV (National Center for Transgender Equality)

Transgender People and HIV (World Health Organization)

25 Million Transgender People Find It Difficult Accessing Healthcare (Avert)

Epic Allies, a Gamified Mobile Phone App to Improve Engagement in Care, Antiretroviral Uptake, and Adherence Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men and Young Transgender Women Who Have Sex with Men: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial (JMIR Research Protocols)

Caring for Transgender People: Looking Beyond the Hype (Sexual Health)

Current Research Gaps: A Global Systematic Review of HIV and Sexually Transmissible Infections Among Transgender Populations (Sexual Health)

Barriers and Facilitators to Oral PrEP Use Among Transgender Women in New York City (AIDS and Behavior)

Daily and Nondaily Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex with Men: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention Trials Network 067/ADAPT Study (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

Characteristics of HIV-Positive Transgender Men Receiving Medical Care: United States, 2009-2014 (American Journal of Public Health)

Experiences of Stigma and Discrimination in Social and Healthcare Settings Among Trans People Living with HIV in the U.K. (AIDS Care)

Syndemic Conditions, HIV Transmission Risk Behavior, and Transactional Sex Among Transgender Women (AIDS and Behavior) 

HIV Testing in Urban Transgender Individuals: A Descriptive Study (Transgender Health)

Recruitment of Underrepresented Minority Researchers into HIV Prevention Research: The HIV Prevention Trials Network Scholars Program (AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses)

The Importance of HIV Research for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Individuals (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

Guidance and Ethical Considerations for Undertaking Transgender Health Research and Institutional Review Boards Adjudicating this Research (Transgender Health) 

Characterizing the HIV Prevention and Care Continua in a Sample of Transgender Youth in the U.S. (AIDS and Behavior)

Multiple Strategies to Identify HIV-Positive Black Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in New York City: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Recruitment Results (Journal of the International AIDS Society) 

Effectiveness of a Peer Navigation Intervention to Sustain Viral Suppression Among HIV-Positive Men and Transgender Women Released from Jail: The LINK LA Randomized Clinical Trial (JAMA Internal Medicine)

Cohort Profile: Study of Transition, Outcomes, and Gender (STRONG) to Assess Health Status of Transgender People (BMJ Open)

Providing Home-Based HIV Testing and Counseling for Transgender Youth (Project Moxie): Protocol for a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial (JMIR Research Protocols)

Discordance of Self-Report and Laboratory Measures of HIV Viral Load Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in Chicago: Implications for Epidemiology, Care, and Prevention (AIDS and Behavior)

Epidemiology of HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Viral Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis Among Incarcerated Transgender People: A Case of Limited Data (Epidemiologic Reviews)

Minority Stressors Associated with Sexual Risk Behaviors and HIV Testing in a U.S. Sample of Transgender Individuals (AIDS and Behavior)

Preferences for HIV Test Characteristics Among Young, Black Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender Women: Implications for Consistent HIV Testing (PLoS One)

A Comparison of HIV-Risk Behaviors Between Young Black Cisgender Men Who Have Sex with Men and Young Black Transgender Women Who Have Sex with Men (International Journal of STD and AIDS)

Intervention to Match Young Black Men and Transwomen Who Have Sex with Men or Transwomen to HIV Testing Options (All About Me): Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial (JMIR Research Protocols)


The Opioid Epidemic – Special Considerations for PLWHA and Those at Risk

HIV and the Opioid Epidemic: 5 Key Points (Kaiser Family Foundation)

The Syndemic of Opioid Misuse, Overdose, HCV, and HIV: Structural-Level Causes and Interventions (Current HIV/AIDS Reports)

America’s Dangerous Syndemic: Opioid Addiction, HIV, and Hepatitis C (Center for Strategic and International Studies) 

Interconnected, Intertwined, and Colliding: Co-Occurring Epidemics of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and Opioids (HHS)

Toward an Effective Strategy to Combat HIV, Hepatitis C, and the Opioid Epidemic: Recommendations for Policy Makers (amfAR)

From AIDS to Opioids – How to Combat an Epidemic (New England Journal of Medicine)

HIV and the Opioid Epidemic (Southeast AETC)

Awakening to the Opioid Crisis: A Top HIV Clinical Development of 2017 (TheBodyPro)

Nation’s Leading HIV/AIDS, STD & Hepatitis Organizations Request Funding for CDC to Address Opioid Crisis and Infectious Diseases (National Coalition of STD Directors)

Organizations Call for More Funding to Combat Long-Term Consequences of Opioid Crisis (Intelligencer)

Injecting Opana: Indiana’s HIV Outbreak and America’s Opioid Epidemic (Harm Reduction Coalition)

Preventing HIV and Hepatitis Infections Among People Who Inject Drugs: Leveraging an Indiana Outbreak Response to Break the Impasse (AIDS and Behavior)

HIV and the Opioid Epidemic (American Journal of Managed Care)

Opioid Crisis Inflaming Hep C, HIV in Hard-Hit Communities (Medscape) – Note: Registration on this site is required for access

Nation’s Muted Response to Surging Opioid Crisis Puts Progress on Hepatitis, HIV, and STDs at Risk (Morning Consult)

NIH Launches HEAL Initiative, Doubles Funding to Accelerate Scientific Solutions to Stem National Opioid Epidemic (HIV.gov)

Opioid-HIV Connection a Troubling Trend (Harvard School of Public Health)

Overdose Deaths Involving Opioids, Cocaine, and Psychostimulants – United States, 2015-2016 (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report)

Opioid Overdoses Treated in Emergency Departments (CDC)

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