A Message from NEAETC
Since 2011, NEAETC and the AIDS Action Committee have published the online HIV and Health Disparities Update, focusing on news and developments in HIV and viral hepatitis, with particular emphasis on health disparities by race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity, gender, income, and risk group.
NEAETC is now launching a new information resource – In Brief: HIV and Hepatitis News – that will replace the newsletter. As you'll see below, In Brief consists of concise summaries of the latest information about HIV, hepatitis, and health disparities organized by topic for easy review. Each item includes links to source materials and resources in case you want to explore particular news and developments in greater depth.
We'll also provide links to related information about NEAETC events and online resources to help build and maintain your expertise on all matters related to HIV, viral hepatitis, and related issues.
Below, please find an archived list of our current and past newsletters.


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