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2018 Great American Smokeout - Smoking, Tobacco Use, and HIV

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and Thursday, November 15, is the Great American Smokeout.  The Smokeout is a national event, organized by the American Cancer Society, challenging people to stop smoking tobacco for one day as a first step toward quitting permanently. 

There is a large and growing body of research on smoking and other tobacco use among persons living with HIV.  In the U.S., a higher proportion of HIV+ persons are smokers compared to the uninfected general population.  As a result, the incidence of smoking-related cancers and cardiovascular disease is substantially higher among HIV+ persons than among uninfected persons.  Since smoking also weakens the immune system, HIV+ smokers are more susceptible to some opportunistic illnesses, including thrush, bacterial pneumonia, and pneumocystis pneumonia, than HIV+ nonsmokers. 

In addition, several recent studies indicate that HIV+ smokers receiving effective antiretroviral treatment are more likely to die from smoking-related causes than from HIV-related illnesses.  To help you, your colleagues, and clients or patients become more informed about this topic, we have compiled an annotated list of online resources focusing on smoking and HIV/AIDS, as well as smoking cessation.

General Information

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The Great American Smokeout (American Cancer Society’s Smokeout website)


Selected Recent Articles and Abstracts

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Chronic Lung Disease in HIV Patients (AIDS Reviews)

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